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Moroccan tajine is one of the most famous Moroccan food , where you can eat vegetables or meat


Couscous is also one of the most traditional Moroccan cuisine, difficult to prepare but worth preparing for


It is the specialty of the nomads , the middle of sand and gravel. Consists of meat and vegetables.

madfouna at desert

Morocco desert horse tour

You will have the opportunity to experience horse riding and enjoy the beauty of nature both at once with an appropriate price 

Tours Morocco  Welcome to Zagora desert horse ! We are offering horse trekking adventures as well as customized jeep tours around beautiful Morocco, combined with horses and camels. We run both short and long tours, near and far from Marrakech, the capitol of Morocc o. Horse riding is the perfect way to see the true Morocco; to see the nomadic life style first hand and to become part of the wilderness, to feel the countries unique heritage and great history. The Berbers have a long and lively equestrian tradition. Our ger camp(Moroccan traditional acommodation-yurt) is located just a few miles away from Ulaanbaatar and this is where you will first be taken. You will meet extraordinary locals who teach horse riding, and all the people who will help make your stay an amazing adventure. Our country is 12 times the size of Great Britain with less then 1,000 kilometres of surfaced roads and no fences! So you will ride freely and without any distractions. Discover your true freedom in one of the last unspoilt countries of the world.

The hardest part about living here is probably the fact that I had to leave my horse behind in the States. However, he is fortunately well-cared for where he is living like a king and staying in great shape.
While I miss my horse a lot, I fortunately don’t have to miss horseback riding as I get to go riding here in Morocco desert.
Did you know that zagora has riding barns?  Horseback riding is an up and coming sport here.  It’s certainly only for about 1% of the population who has the money to afford it.  I find that the lessons are comparable to what I would pay in the States for a quality lesson (think Northern Virginia prices).  However, I believe owning a horse here is quite a bit more as there are membership fees on top of normal fees.
Membership fees are a part of the Moroccan culture it seems.  If you want to do something, then you have to join and get a membership card.  For where I ride, you pay 3500 dh for a 10 lesson membership card.  On top of that you pay 3000 dh for your coaching fee each lesson.  Essentially, that is 550 dh per lesson.
You can buy larger lesson packages, but I like to pay in cash when in China, so I’m not about to get out as much cash is needed for that.  Plus, I calculated it out and it wouldn’t really save me any money (sometimes the more you pay, the bigger your discount is…not in this case).


We offer riding lessons, horse and camel rides, courses and hiking à la carte. Welcome We offer horse riding lessons, horse riding lessons, farrier services and consultation. 


zagora desert horse offers walks and hikes on horseback and dromedary in Desert and its region. Discover sublime landscapes, wild, between beaches, dunes and forests for an unforgettable experience!

We welcome you all year in our facilities and offer you to discover the world of horse riding.



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