If you are in the city and wish to practice your hobby (equestrian, yoga, our company offers you everything you want)

You will be moved from wherever you are and go to the club to spend a wonderful day there

You choose your favorite activity where we help you and enjoy it together .

You can ride the horses and hang around in the neighborhood for about hours and return to the club

cooking class

Explore the flavors and traditions of Moroccan cuisine with a 6-hour cooking class at a farmhouse outside of zagora . You’ll learn to identify aromatic Moroccan spices, cook a full Moroccan meal with classic sides, and enjoy a hearty meal on a terrace surrounded by fruit trees. This 6-hour Moroccan cooking class includes pickup and drop-off at your zagora  hotel, with morning tea, snacks, and drinks provided as you cook. 

standard class

Our dedicated team offers horse riding lessons to students of all ages. …

Standard lessons are based on your riding level assigned after your evaluation. You can learn more about horses and riding and save money when you sign up for a group lesson. You will be sharing the class only not the instructor attention. Each member is well maintained and evaluated by our professional teachers.

The Full Moon Ride

Get away from the pressure of the city and go for a group horseback riding through a wooded desert landscape at full moon which is a rare opportunity because it happens 3 days every month. In that special 90 minutes adventure, you will get the chance to explore desert

The Grooming Experience

Professional riders and horse owners need to take care of their horses on a daily basis so that horses can perform optimally. this horse grooming lesson teaches you all you need to know to help you keep your horse in good shape for riding or racing. Come as a family or an individual and live the experience.

The Romantic Ride

Zagora deser horse is one of the few clubes in the world to offer inner-city horse riding. A Park Ride is an enjoyable and relaxing way to witness the extraordinary splendour of draa valley – a peaceful sanctuary teeming with history, birdlife and beauty. Different times of day can offer various and differing experiences, but a late afternoon ride with the sunset really gives a romantic flavor to this much loved activity.

The ouasis Ride

Our best selling services from a long time !! take some time out of your city routine and go for a leisure horseback ride while taking a spectacular tour in the largest ouasis with more than 1300 palmes of a mix scenery ouasis and desert. The forest ride is suitable either at sunrise, sunset or at night, each comes with a unique experience. What ever your level of riding is, you can go for this ride!.

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